Sunday, May 14, 2006

These are some of my recent layouts. I've got my layout spreadsheet almost completed. I have the 60 individual layouts I have done this year in it. I need to add the mini albums still., but then I will be caught up & just keep a print out on my desk with space to write the new ones in as I create them. For some reason doing all this is easier for me than just creating a new text layer in PSP. I think my problem with that method is I have to oepn the file, in PSP, to see the info each time & really prefer my information in one central location, all printed out in nice rows & columns on a spreadsheet. I'm wierd like that


Kerry said...

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

I use Word rather than a spreadsheet, but otherwise I'm the same. It lets me keep an easily readable copy of my journalling as well.

Good work. Going back and filling in things like that is what always puts me off.