Friday, May 05, 2006


There haven't been many lately for me. But I am not really trying to accomplish anything much at the moment either.

I finally mopped the kitchen floor last night. Even used Pine Sol instead of baking soad & soap so it smells clean too.

I got some decent work in on my cross stitch project.

I remembered to cancel DISH before they billed us for another year of service. Direct TV is coming today to install.

I didn't lose my temper with the boys while they were running like little demons all around the stores when I was shopping yesterday.

I did manage to get to the gym today.

I have root canal part 2 in about 2 hours and I have managed to not freak out so far this week about it. Which has me worried. I spent the better part of 10 days stressed out & terrified about part 1 and it didn't hurt a bit, except for the shot. what if the pain you feel is inversly proportional to the fear you experience & because I am calm about it now I will be in agony during it? Logically I know that is rediculous but that idea has always had a small part in my thought process when dealing with things I am afraid of - if I am afraid *enough* then it won't be so scary


heather said...

At least you know what to expect this time. Wishing you lotsa luck at the dentist, hope it goes even better than last time!

Bethy said...

When's your next dentist appointment? Maybe you have time to get yourself all worked up so it your reverse logic will work again!!

Wishing you luck with it!