Monday, May 15, 2006

Menu for the next 2 weeks

in no particular order:

broiled salmon
salmon patties (with leftovers)
deep dish pizza or calzone (toppings dependant on leftovers)
hamburgers on the grill (Saturday)
chicken with rice
london broil
pork loin crock pot
grilled chicken
veggie soup & sandwiches
baked ziti
steak & spinich salad (leftover london broil)

I think we will have the pasta tonight, since it is too late to start the pork. Tomorrow night is bunco at my house, so Brad & the boys will go out to eat. I'll make a sandwich. I'm going to have veggies & dip, guacamole & chips and the Cafe's spinich & artichoke dip with bread, plus cookies, for bunco. My folks will be here Friday & we'll probably get Chinese take out. Saturday we'll do the burgers and one day the weekend after that I am owed a Mother's Day dinner. So technically I should have more plans than actual meals. we'll see.


Meg said...

Okay, I should have read this post before commenting on the other! Yay, you're planning on a make-up Mother's Day dinner!

You know, I really appreciate you posting your menus, I get great ideas from you! And I have to go to the store within the next couple of days anyway!

glynis said...

Everything sounds delicious!! I wish I could be as organized at meal-planning. Maybe you'll inspire me!

heather said...

So what is bunco? Love how you do up those menus, sadly I'm not so motivated. Your latest layouts and kits are terrific by the way. Looks like you've been doing some challenges ? Good luck with the dinner out - at least you are owed at the moment :) (better than the other way round!)