Thursday, May 04, 2006


Really. I loathe the thing. Always have. We got it 3rd hand, for free. from a friend who was moving out of town 6 years ago. We'd been talking about needing a new sofa beacuse the one we had was falling apart & DH comes home & says "Sofa problem is solved! Mike is giving us his!" I so wanted to kill Mike right then. I didn't like the sofa when it was his. I really detest it now that it is mine & with every passing year I detest it more (if that is possible). It isn't comfortable. It is ugly. The staples from the recovering that was doen to it before Mike got it are coming loose.

It is on my mind at the moment because I just bought my 3rd sofa cover for it today. It has a flat top & skinny flat arms. No sofa cover in the universe is made for this shape sofa. They all are made for sofas with high backs & puffy arms, so I end up tucking in yards of fabric (that never stays tucked) or suffing old pillows and blankets in the spaces to make it puff some & they never stay in place either. We have pieces of plywood under the seat cushions because it has lost it's firmness.

Given my rather strong opinions on this sofa you may be asking yourself "Why has she been suffering with this sofa for 6 years if she despises it so much?" And well you might ask!! The horrid thing is still in our living room because DH cannot see spending $800-1000 to replace what he calls "A perfectly good sofa." He managed to justify spending $500 on another chainsaw when we already have what I would call "A perfectly good chainsaw." So now we have 2 chainsaws, but he just doesn't see my point about the sofa.

So I think one of these days there may be an accident involving one of these chainsaws and the sofa, which will then no longer be "perfectly good."


Meg said...

lol, Stacey, you kill me! This was hilarious! Let us know when the tragic accident occurs.

Or wait, you're in my class next month right? It's about finding inspiration all around you. Tell your dh you need a new couch for inspiration purposes! That'll work, won't it? No?

glynis said...

LOL--great post, Stacey! I just think it's fun to know that other people have grips like this too!

Laura Lou said...

In my 68 years I have learned this from the men in my life...if you want something, buy it for the other person as a birthday gift, especially if the other person doesn't want to spend the money. So much the better if it is from a joine account.

Happy Birthday, Honey.

loonyhiker said...

This was so funny! The first 3 sofas we had were hand me downs from my sister in law. It didn't matter that they didn't match the colors in my house, but my hubby thought we were getting a great deal (they were free!) so we couldn't turn it down. Husbands, can't live with them, and can't live without them!

heather said...

This post gave me a great giggle. I'm with you on the lounge issue. We also had a really BAD lounge for years and years, then put covers on it. I tell you, the day we got our new lounge was a day of rejoicing. The chainsaw vs lounge scene makes me laugh. Imagine the bonfire afterwards!!!

Bethy said...

Your last paragraph, chain saw versus couch, absolutely made me laugh outloud.

Sometimes Stacey, I think we are living parallel lives. I hate my sofa, not quite as much as you, but it's getting there! I'll have to remember the chain say remedy!