Tuesday, May 09, 2006

feeling optomistic

I'm feeling good about a number of things.

Brad has the frame for the playset canopy built & it just needs to be bolted permanently together & installed on the playset. As it is taking up our entire 'yard' area I am feeling optomisitic that he will finish this task by this weekend. He can hardly move it out of the way to begin something else.

The part that got broken on the tractor 2 weeks ago has been replaced & I am feeling optomisitc that I might actually be able to keep the place mowed this summer & we now have a weed trimmer too.

I have come up with a way to keep track of kits/designers/fonts used on my layouts. I've been reading about people putting a hidden text layer in the layout itself so you can read it when you open it up in PSP/PS. Tried that. Doesn't work for me. For a while I was really good about putting everything in PSP's 'image information' area but again, I don't keep up with it. It came to me today how to keep track of all this data, because I actually thought the word 'data' and not 'kit' or 'information'. The best place to keep track of data is in a database! Or failing that - a SPREADSHEET. Well, duh! And I am a spreadsheet person. I put everything in to Excel spreadsheets, don't know why it took me 6 months to think of it. I even havea column of little 100x100 thumbnails of the layouts so I can print it out & know at a glance - date, title, filename, kit, designer, font, challenge/reason, gallery posted to adn 'other info'. So I am feeling optomistic about finally keep accurate track of what kit I used in what layout.


Meg said...

I'm waiting for a photo editing program that can keep track of that stuff for me! I'm too lazy to do a spreadsheet, although I agree that that's probably the best (most organized) way to do it.

And YAY on the playset and tractor!

heather said...

Good luck with the spreadsheet. Wish I could get my "stuff" that organised.

loonyhiker said...

That spreadsheet sounds great and when I get time, I might experiment with it. Right now I'm doing the hidden layer on my layouts. Sounds like you had a very optimistic day today!