Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sofa Photos

the horrid sofa with the old sofa cover I just replaced. There are a gagillion pillows on the sofa because the back & arms are basically just 2x4's covered with a thin padding & very uncomfortable.

the horrid sofa with the new sofa cover & additional padding. I liek the cover & I like the sofa with all the padding. But, the padding consists of 2 old body pillows, a crib bumper, a half a dzoen old sheets, some quilt batting and some old table cloths. They are not going to stay in place & even 2 days into it have had to be reshifted back where they belong more times than I can count. But when they are in place they are comfy. This is the more or less what i want in a sofa, only with the padding stitched & attached into place. If it had a fold out bed that would be good too.


Bethy said...

Well, I like your new cover and it looks comfy in your picture.
But it would drive me crazy as well, constantly readjusting everything.

I still think the chainsaw versus coach fight might be a good thing - just get that pretty cover out of the way first! That can be used on a new couch!