Friday, June 23, 2006

What are the best 10 things you have accomplished since your LAST birthday that ended in a zero?

i only came up with 7 things to accomplish before I turned 40, lets see if I can come with 10 accomplishments since I turned 30.

1. gave birth to Drake
2. gave birth to Derek

that got the easy ones out of the way :)

3. landed my dream job of doing interesting work that only required me to be there 9-5 M-F most of the time & yet paid very well.
4. learned to bake my own bread
5. learned to really cook, not just heat stuff up
6. bought a house
7. bought my first car
8. began crocheting & cross stitching again
9. learned to quilt
10. lost 20lbs....unfortunately they keep finding me again.


Meg said...

LOLOLOLOLOL on the 20 lbs! Darn them! They keep stalking me too!

Great list otherwise, big accomplishments!

heather said...

Love your cooking achievements - hope it's not linked to the 20lbs problem!! The kids are big achievements - should count for 10 each!!

glynis said...

Another great list...learning to cook and crochet are two of my accomplishments during my life as well.

Bonnie said...

Well done, 7 is enough! Never underestimate your worth or achievements! I would love to learn to crochet too! I re-leart knitting last year and got so caught up in it, that I knitted everyone I knew a scraf, about 20 in total and now am sick of it! Ha. I quilt too, I have made several over the years that adorn our beds. It is fantastic. Good job on the list.

loonyhiker said...

I also do cross stitch which has taken a back seat to my scrapbooking. Plus my eye sight is getting worse, so do all the cross stitch that you can before you aren't able to see it anymore.

Bethy said...

Wow, that is some list! You've been VERY busy because you did ALL those things AND with two kids in tow! That is a HUGE accomplishment!!

Thanks for sharing Stacey!

Laura Lou said...

Wow! You have had a busy few years. Wonderful list.

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