Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The last time I laughed really hard

was probably while watching Who's Line Is It Anyway? reruns before bed. It has become a habit fromback when Derek was born. I'd get inot bed with him about 10pm and watch Who's Line while nursing him until we both fell asleep. I stillwatch it nearly every weekenight. The sketches that make me laugh the hardest are ones that involve Colin & Ryan having to do accents. Neither of them is very good at it in the long term. They can manage one sentance in a Russian accent but not a second sentance. So the accents are all over the map. My favorite skit is one I just saw recently with Kathy Greenwood, wayne Bradey & Ryan & Colin. Colin was the mad director & he had this weird middle european accent going on & told themto do the scene "In the doork.'s doork" which for some reasons just cracks me up. Plus they were doing Zorro and everyone was supposed to have a Spanish accent but Ryan's character had apparently spent years in Ireland and Cathy's had a Swedish mother. And they were making fun of themselves on top of it. I usually end up laughing really hard a couple times a week at Who's Line.


Bethy said...

Who's Line is one of my favorite laughing shows as well!!