Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I am thankful that:

we are all healthy
we have food, shelter & clothing
we don't want for what we need
there is naptime
my broadband is working again


loonyhiker said...

I'm with you on naptime! Even though I teach high school, what I wouldn't give for naptime after lunch!

Tink said...

Apparently blogspot had problems earlier. I couldn't get on to mine, but they had a message that they were working on it.

glynis said...

Great post--I love the mix of what might be considered 'big' blessings as well as 'little' blessings ! :)

Karen said...

...but most of all that your broadband is working again!!!

Judyy said...

I agree with Glynis--the big things are important, but those little things like naptime and broadband make all the difference.