Friday, June 02, 2006

If you could go back to school (and time, money, other commitments are not an issue), what would you study and why?

This is an actual possibility for me in a couple of years, once both the boys are in school full time, so I have been giving it a good deal of thought lately. I would go for my Doctorate in Early Modern history, at least I think that is what they are calling the Tudor era now. It was Medieval/Renaisannce in 1989 but I heard they changed it. I have my MA in it. Initially I had planned to be a professor (I want to teach adults who, mostly, want to be in the class), but after 7 years of college I was just burnt out on learning. So I went into the business world as an admin assistant & worked my way into the telecom field & any idea of going back to school left my head. But now I am going to have a chance to start over. If I could just go to school for the heck of it, I would still get my PhD. I just would be more relaxed, knowing I don't have to use it for anything.

Or better still I'd go to cooking school in France or Italy. Vacation & education at the same time. I enjoy cooking most of the time & I think some technique style classes would be good for me.

Speaking of cooking, I am between dinner menus at the moment. I ought to have done a new one over the weekend but was out of town & then it slipped my mind. So dinner has been a bit haphazard lately. Tonight we are having pizza, with a pesto biscuit crust & topped with leftover chicken tenders, zucchini & spinich. I have to use up the fresh mozzerella I bought a few days ago.


ArtcMom said...

Oh, my DH would LOVE to go to cooking school! ANd in France or Italy? I hope you get your wish!

loonyhiker said...

I'm in awe of anyone that can use the words "fresh mozzerella" with the word pizza! My pizzas are either frozen or ordered from the local pizza place. As for you PhD, I would love for you to come teach my classes next year. I'm thinking of doing a big unit on Medieval Times.

glynis said...

Great goals, Stacey and very doable! I hope you get a chance to follow your dreams!

faery-wings said...

How did that piza coune out, sounds delish!

And BTW, both subjects sound great :)