Sunday, April 30, 2006

this is what I have been working on lately, while I have not been inspired to scrap. That does not mean that I have done all this in the past 2 weeks. I can cross stitch at about 60-70 completed stitches an hour & I usually devote an hour or so to this, lately anyway. I am about halfway done. It's hard to see how big this is on this photo. But, at 70 stitches an hour, if I devoted an hour a day, every day to it for a year & 2 weeks, i could complete it. I began this project on April 3, 2002. A lot of the stuff around her face & the flowers took so many changes of thread color that I was only going at maybe 40 stitches an hour, if that. Then I gave birth to DS1 in Oct 02. Then I was pg with DS2 in Apr 03. Then I was either sick, recovering from being sick, or getting sick again for the whole of 2004. 2005 was spent getting caught up with everything that didn't get done in 2004 & then I discovered digi scrapping. But really, 4 years later and I am only almost halfway done?? So what i am going to try & do is spend an hour 5 nights a week working on this. I find I do sleep better if I cross stitch before bed. It clears my mind. Tusday night is Mission Possible chat and Friday is Dr Who and/or Battlestar Galactica. But the other nights, whenever possible I am going to try & work on this. I'd like to have it finished & framed before Apr 3, 2007. Not to mention I must have 4 other patterns (of similar size, gods help me) and thread, waiting for me to get started on them.


faery-wings said...

She is gorgeous!