Wednesday, April 05, 2006


There are not many going on in my personal life, because I make every effort to avoid them. I like routine. The biggest thing changing right now is Drake's Pull Ups. He keeps pooping in them, so I keep changing in them. He did really well pooping in the potty for a whole week, but the last 10 days he's gone back to pooping in his pants. He's been peeing in the potty for 2 months now. I hope whatever needs to change for him so he poops in the potty all the time as well, happens soon.

We are also anticipating a change. Saturday I go to register Drake for Pre-K3. The class starts in the fall. He'll be 4 in October. When did he change from a baby to a little boy?


Judyy said...

Now THAT'S a post about change! LOL But no kidding, I hope you and Drake get it worked out soon.