Thursday, April 27, 2006

My life

I think I would call it routine. It's also fairly quiet & occasionally a bit dull but I like it that way. When things get exciting it usually seems to involve a trip to the ER. So I prefer boredom. :)

The women in my MOPS group always tell me "You always have everything so organized in your life. You are right on top of it all." I guess I appear to have it more together than I actually do.

and typing this post just reminded me that I was supposed to call a woman for MOPS on Monday & find out what she would like in her gift basket, so I can get it bought for next week's meeting. But I had my day to make dinner for another MOPS mom who just gave birth, switched around on me to Monday, throwing my plans off. I am organized but only as long as nothing alters my plans.


Judyy said...

Love the part about excitement usually involving a trip to the ER--LOL!!!

But I don't necessarily interpret "routine" as boring. I find routine days to be immensely reassuring and often even satisfying. Sounds like you're right where you should be!

Meg said...

Love the start of this post! If exciting = ER, then I agree, boring is good!!

Bethy said...

Quiet is good.
Organized is good.
I SO get this!

glynis said...

I like that last line...I like my plans, too!