Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Something funny?

Drake must have had an intersting dream last night

He told me this morning that a cat monster was going to visit us. Just a little baby one, but it was going to drive over to play with us. It lived a long way away. When we were coming home from teh gym he mentioned it again & I suggested maybe it would nap with him but he said cat monsters only sleep on pasta, not in beds.

Some of this I can explain. When Drake went through a phase of being afraid of monsters a few months ago I first told him that monsters only live in California (Dh adding that the whacky liberals out there have all these monster protection laws in place so the monsters like living there best of all places - DH is a little nuts sometimes) Later I told Drake that even if monsters were around here, they wouldn't stay because they are afraid of cats & our 3 cats would chase them away. He decided that Nefer was the cat who really didn't like monsters (Nefer doesn;t really like anyone) & that seemed to mostly end his monster problems. So I can sorta understand the idea of dreaming about friendly baby cat monsters.

not sure where the idea of sleeping on pasta came from though. And now I have this image in my head of a monsterous cat with a pacifier curled up on a plate of spaghetti.


Maggie said...

Don't you love how their minds work sometimes??? That's so cute.

Meg said...

Hilarious!! Where do they get such details??? I always try to trace the stories the way you did, but there are always some details that seem to come out of thin air. Great story, I don't think I'll make pasta tonight, though!

Canay said...

Very cute. I live in California..and have to say...I haven't seen any cat monsters lately! LOL