Sunday, April 30, 2006


Meg, Beth, I would love to get together with you all for a margarita!

Dh came home a bit earlier than I expected yesterday and was up for a trip to Chili's. I had the Chambord 1800 margarita. I think I like the strawberry-mango better. The boys were actually very well behaved. Though Drake did scare us half to death a little later when he just vanished in the Lowe's. He came back to the cart while we were off looking for him. Apparently he had seen something he just *had* to examine. We told him he has to ask us from now on. Priced stoves & washers & dryers. I didn't realize you can get stackables with front load washers! Our current side by side set is 11 years old. The dryer has been having issues but the washes is good for now. We just wanted prices. But now that I know they are available I told DH to just plan on buying the stackabled. The price is the same as a standard front loader (about $800) and I am adamant about getting a front loader when the time comes.

Went to bed at 11pm and no little boys joined us all night long!! First time in 2 weeks! Drake got up sometime between 6-6:30a. He came in the room about 6:30a talking about Little Bear & we are not sure if he was talking about a dream he had or a show he watched. DH got up, got him some breakfast & dozed on the couch for a bit while Drake ate. Derek got up at almost 7:30! Then Brad got them dressed & took them for McD's and to the Tractor Supply store to look for a part the Kubota needs. I slept until 9am! It was beautiful!


Meg said...

Ah Heaven!! So glad you got some rest! And that Margarita sounds great!