Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday prompt

It is to write about flowers. Flowers...not something I think about much or write about ever. So I think I am going to have go with randomness on this topic.

DH & the boys bought me flowers last week. White daisies that had been died blue by putting them in blue water and some purple flowersas part of the bouquet. I have no idea what sort of flowers the purple ones are.

I have every rose DH has ever given me, dried & stored in 2 large plastic containers. At some point I am going to make rose beads out of them.

I just had to spend as much in shipping as the cost of the bouquet to send my mom flowers for her birthday because I ordered them yetesterday instead of on Monday. Her birthday is tomorrow & they had tobe delivered today.

I used to work for 1-800flowers in a local call center as the telcom analyst & call flow director.


Judyy said...

Whoa good job, just going with the stream of consciousness re: flowers. Kinda glad I missed this prompt, because I'm not sure what I'd have said either.

Meg said...

Hello Random!! LOL, great job with the flow! I would love to see what you do with the old roses, I have a bunch and don't have a clue!