Saturday, July 22, 2006

some things I find useful

maybe you will too.

I found this new toy - Google Notebook - it puts a little icon on the bottom of your IE window & if you click on it you get a tiny pop up to type notes into & it will automatically log a link to the site you are on (or not if you wish). You can access the notes from that icon or from your google account (useful if you use more than one computer) and you can have multiple notebooks. I have 3 - books, PSP & digiscrap stuff. the link is It doens't put anything else on your PC, no spyware, no 'helpful' search bars, just the little icon. I don't know if it works for firefox.

Next here are some links to sketch sites. I've been turning to sketches for inspiration lately. - does daily sketches, has monthly archives - huge list of sites with sketches - the previous sites sketch page

Last here are some links for my fellow PSP users out there. Scripts, brushes, tutorials etc & pages with lists of sites that have scripts, brushes,tutorials, etc

Suzshook's Tips & tricks
links to lots of PSP stuff scrapbook related
Joske's site has great scripts
Cool brushes
Presets and scripts
PSP brush sites list


Bonnie said...

Thanks Stacey for all the cool links, I will definately be checking them out!! Have a great weekend!

heather said...

Thanks Stacey! I use Digital Image but I can use PSP brushes so I'm going to check your links for those!

Rusheika said...

thanks for sharing!!

loonyhiker said...

I checked out your links and loved the google notes and the sketch inspirations. I have been using some myself lately so this was great!