Wednesday, July 26, 2006

a recipe

Now that I have gotten the family meal memories out of my system I've got a recipe for you. This one is an original by me, inspired by a couple different dip/dishes that I have had at other's homes on bunco nights. (bunco is a dice game played by 12 people at 3 tables). I combined a few ingredients of different dishes and added one of my own. As with all my recipes you get a rambling explanation of why I use the ingredients I do, variations that I have tried and only vague proportions to work with. But I hope if you do give it a try, you like it. This is a variation on 7 layer dip, it's meant to be served with tortilla chips along side the guacamole & salsa, but I'll admit right now I have served with a spinach salad and called it dinner.

1 pound of ground beef or a bit more.
1 or 2 avocados, depends on how much you like avocados. I really like them so I use 2. The little dark green ones, not the big light green ones. One of those would probably be sufficient. You want them to be just a tiny bit past ripe, not too soft but with a nice 'give' if you squeeze them gently.
1 or 2 tomatoes for the same reason as the avocados. I'm not big on tomatoes so I use one small one. DH claims this is a skimpy amount of tomatoes & has me put 2 in if its for a party.
Sour cream, the 16oz container size, though I generally use only about 12ozs of it.
One bag of shredded 'Mexican mix' cheese or you can shred up some cheddar, pepper jack & monteray jack cheese as a nice blend as well.
Packet of taco seasoning. I like Ortega mild but choose per your personal preference. Manwich sauce works well also. I'd originally intended to use Manwich when I thought up this dish but the Wal-Mart was remodeling & had moved the cans of Manwich to who knows where (not that I knew where they were before this. I'd never bought Manwich sauce before but it was used in one of the inspiration dishes) and I decided on taco seasoning instead. I found the Manwich stuff at safeway & tried that version. It's more liquidy than taco seasoning but works well.
Lettuce, if not serving with a separate salad. Iceberg is best with this, or really crisp romaine. I use about half a head of Iceberg

Cook the ground beef according to the taco seasoning/Manwich instructions. Let it cool a bit. While it is doing that, chop up the avocados & tomatoes, shred the cheese if needed and chop up the lettuce if using. You want a small dice on the avocados & tomatoes & bite sized on the lettuce.

Get one 9x13 non-metal pan. Layer in the beef on the bottom, then spread a layer of sour cream on that. I think the whole 16ozs is a bit too much sour cream, so I only use about 12ozs now. Then sprinkle the avocados & then the tomatoes over the sour cream. Top them with the lettuce, if using, and finish with the whole bag of shredded cheese. Serve with big sturdy tortilla chips.


heather said...

Sounds yummy I love mexican i've got all those ingregients except avocados at the moment... I prefer the dip type mexican because tacos are just too messy to eat, everything falls out.