Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Some scrapping related stuff.

I've got some new quick pages done for These are done with lots of white space & are fairly simple so people can add thier own word art or doodles. Hopefully I'll get some previews up soon.

I've been hanging out at digishoptalk lately. It and DSP seem to be sucking up my online time. Just as well. I've decided to avoid a certain non-scrapping online Pit of Negativity & having other places to use that time is good. Otherwise I find myself bored & back there. I've gotten some layouts done as well. 3 this week which is a record lately I think!

I've applied for a couple creative teams but been turned down. I have a hard time applying since most want 3 galleries & while I have little galleries at about 7 places, mostly they haven't been used since January. I feel weird posting layouts to sites I don't regularly visit. DSP & scrapmommies are my only really active galleries, though I am starting one at DST. I've been spending more time at other sites lately so hopefully I can find one or 2 with challenges I like& se what happens

This is my most recent layout, done for Mission Possible using Lisa Carter & Stacey J Stahl's Romance in the Garden.


glynis said...

I love this layout!

heather said...

Beautiful layout! Keep trying on the creative team thing your layouts totally deserve it.