Monday, January 15, 2007

What do you have faith in?

[i]"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."
Martin Luther King, Jr.[/i]

I have faith in the existence of the Divine. A higher power does exist & its the same being no matter what you call him/her. I have faith that the majority of the people you meet are good & decent people just trying to get through their day as best they can - just like you. I have faith in myself, that in the end I can find some way to cope. These things keep me going every day.

In other news I saved up $150 toward the Red Dwarf DVD collection that I want. It is anywhere from $180-250 depending on where you buy it. but I'm also saving toward a new EHD. I want a USB powered 2.5" one. Something little I can take with me into the bedroom. My current EHD must be plugged into the wall & is a big heavy sucker. I was thinking of getting a 250gb drive, so I'm looking at $200-250 for that. There have a been a lot of threads in various places about 'how many gigs of scrapping stuff do you have?' which has made me really look at how much I have. I got rid of a bunch of stuff a couple months ago. So I sat & added up the digi stuff, the photos, the PSP stuff, the music & the audiobooks. Really, a 250Gb EHD is overkill. My 80GB EHD is not quite half full with all the stuff I have & I move stuff off regularly. I also have the trial of ACDSee & am tagging things so the EHD is on my mind. So when I found a 120GB 2.5" USB powered EHD for $99 yesterday - I bought it. I was going to get the videos first but I have them in VHS & can watch them in the bedroom if I really need to. It should arrive by the end of the week.

I got some new products uploaded to 1hour scrap. A set of quick pages & some desktop wallpaper calendars. They should be available sometime this week. The wallpaper is available in the standard 1024x768 and I also did a set in the more widescreen 1280x800 size as well. I have a widescreen monitor & am always having to resize desktop wallpaper.


Stephanie said...

Love your MLK quote. So true! I think people are basically good, too. We all have to rely on our higher power! Also your calendars are really cool!

Julie (mrs2a50) said...

Get as big of an EHD as you can! You'd be surprised how much you can fill up, and I figure it will run better if it's almost empty. I have no idea if that's true or not, but it sounds good to me!

Dawn said...

love that quote! I am saving up for my EHD as well. I need the space on my sad slow laptop lol. Dh and I use to watch red Dwarf on pbs late at night. ok this is turning into a very random comment so I will end with I love your calendars!

Kate (aka whatkatiedid) said...

Oooh I love that quote, I'm going to write that down and save it somewhere. Great desktops too, I really need to do something like that, my desktop is so boring!!

Toni Anne Berman said...

Along with everyone else, I have to say that is an awesome quote! The desktop calendars are great, too!

MaryE said...

Great idea on the resizing. I have that same problem.