Saturday, January 27, 2007

been working on a new product

I was just going to make some word art but then suddenly "The MUSE IS UPON ME!" (guess who said that. hint: mel brooks movie) and I ended up making a set of 43 candy heart stamps in assorted colors & phrases. They will be up at next week and I'll be running a special for Feb 7-9. A couple stamps will be the daily download each day for you to sample and the complete set will be 20% off for those 3 days. Plus they will also be on sale the first week they are up so you have 9 days to get these stamps at 20% off.

Now I am working on the 'love' word art I had originally planned on doing. That will be going up soon with a couple pieces available on the daily download as well.


glynis said...

Those are adorable, Stacey! Great work!