Saturday, January 20, 2007

tagging is tedious

very very tedious, but I can already tell how handy it will be. Lately I have been doing layouts with lots of stuff on them, stuff from many sources rather than sticking with just one kit and tracking down that string of beads I remember seeing somewhere is a PITA. Plus as I was going through it I kept thinking "I have that? Why haven't I used that?" So I'm hoping it will cut my spending way back too. I've done all my 1hour stuff and am about halfway through my 'new' kits folder, which is stuff I have bought but haven't used. I'm dreading hitting the rest of the kit folders, let alone the embellishment ones. I'm doing pretty good though. I started with general categories and a 'various' one and every so often I stop & go through the various category & create more categories off of it. I'm not doing it by color right now. Just by description - brad, rivet, paper, ribbon, with some subcategory stuff - ribbon bows, square brads, word art on tags. The problem I can forsee is having too many categories to be useful for searching. We'll see I suppose.

Geez do I have a lot of flowers & floral things. I use some them on the boys layouts but I really wish designers would do more boyish elements - cards, vehicles, balls,tools, dirty/rusty things.


glynis said...

I have never sat down to organize my stuff either and now it seems so overwhelming! I'm proud of you...and jealous :)