Monday, February 11, 2008

Repetitive Stress Injury

Also known as 'Hookers Wrist" :) (I can only imagine the hits I'll be getting from that phrase)

All the crocheting I have been doing lately has caused my wrist & forearm to be really sore. It actually hurt to drive today. I had to keep changing how I hold the steering wheel. I used to have one of those braces that held your hand & wrist in the proper position & helped prevent the problem. But I can't find it. So I am taking a break for a few days. I do have about 8 three round sets done & have gone through two more colors of yarn, which added 8 single round sets and 6 doubles, but I haven't sat & counted them out in a few days.

I did make myself my own craft bag for this project. I bought a $8 duffel bag at WalMart and 3 plastic snap top bins for 97 cents each. The bins hold the sets sorted in their various stages of completion. The bag interior holds the 3 bins plus 6 full skeins of yarn (and many more half used ones), one deep outside pocket can hold the completed squares if I am not at home when I finish them and a small exterior pocket on the front holds my scissors, hooks and the pattern instructions. A customized craft bag for $11!


loonyhiker said...

Are you a member of ravelry? I'd love to see the pictures of your project. And I'd love to see a picture of your craft bag. I'm having a hard time picturing it but it sounds perfect for my crocheting.