Saturday, February 23, 2008

I have a new project

A friend of mine is expecting her 3rd child in a couple of months. I decided I'd make some little crocheted animals & put loops on them so they can be hung to baby carriers and things.  I found a cool looking shark pattern but it's in German.  My friend Bettina helped me with some translating and I went back & rewrote it into English.  So now I am working on that.  Then I am going to to make a turtle & then an octopus. I haven't worked from an established pattern in ages. We'll see how it goes.  So far the shark is going along. I'm used to crocheting a bit more loosely than you need to for these stuffed things, and sometimes I feel like I am going to snap my hook in two from exerting so much pressure to pull it back out of the loops when I single crochet.

There is a treasure hunt going on in the digi scrap world. It looks like a lot of fun, almost 50 designers are involved. I started out on it, but a lot of the prizes require store registration to download & I am already registered in dozens of stores I'll never go back to.  I think I stopped about 7 or 8 clues in, after the 3rd store where I had to register.  I understand that with all the piracy going on that is the best way to make sure mostly only people on the hunt get the prizes, I'm  just not up for al the registering & since you have to download the prize to get the next clue, that ends the hunt for me.  I may pick it back up again this evening & register more places but my internet connection ain't all that at the moment so it's just easier not to right now.