Thursday, February 14, 2008

My craft bag

I'd been keeping all my yarn in this big bin

and the crocheted rounds in zip lock bags, but it was a pain in the butt to drag out every time I wanted to crochet.  Taking out a skein or two made me lose rounds & left the skeins vulnerable to small boys.  Plus the more rounds I created, the more space they took up, so I had bags all over the place.

I went to Michael's & JoAnn Fabrics looking for a craft bag of some sort, maybe with wheels, that could hold everything compactly.  They had some nice scrapbooking storage bags & some nice cross stitch & embroidery storage bags and some nice yarn storage bags for knitting & crochet projects. But my goodness, the price!  Even without wheels.

Then I went to Wal Mart to see what I could find.  This is what I came up with. The bag itself was $8 and the little bins were 97 cents each. I've got 3 of them. I can keep a variety of yarn in the bag, which makes it easier to get the 'random' look in the squares. I don't lose track of the rounds & it zips shut so the boys can't see the yarn & aren't tempted to play with it. I just don't zip it completely shut and feed the yarn through the space.

My wrist is feeling much better. I did a little crocheting today & it didn't hurt but I'm not doing much yet. I haven't found any of those bracing gloves, but I'm headed to the big city Saturday to do some shopping with my GFs & will check a few places there. I'm thinking I might need to change my crochet style. I use the overhand (knife) method, maybe the underhand (pencil) method would give me less stress on those muscles.

Pat, I'm signed up to get on Ravelry. I signed up back in November but apparently I left an 'n' out of my email addy so it went to someone else or bounced.  I only realized that a week or so ago when I saw a blog post about it. So I had to go back & sign up again.  I think I should get my invite in the next couple days.


loonyhiker said...

Thanks so much for the visuals (I'm such a visual learner!) I liked the bag! I will wait a couple of days and look for you on ravelry so I can add you to my friends! I also did a youtube video of the prayer shawl that I'm working on. It is only the 2nd video with my new webcam so I'm not looking my best!