Friday, October 13, 2006

TV shows part 2

Tink - I'm getting into the new doctor. He seems funnier than Chris, which I like. But right now I still prefer Chris. My favorite Doctor is Sylvester McCoy.

Karen - I love B5! We have all the episodes on DVD. It was such a well written and well plotted story.

I forgot the other show we watch alot - What Not to Wear. Oddly it is my husband who loves the show. I like it but he loves it. He will comment on what people are wearing when we are out, about how their clothes fit or don't and what colors suit them.


Tink said...

I think David may just work out as the doctor. Did you see it tonight with Elisabeth Sladen from Doctors 3 & 4?

We have all the B5 movies as well as Crusade.