Tuesday, October 10, 2006

TV programs

Of all the TV programs, which one have you watched the most? Why?
Is it connected in some way to your life and/or perspective?

I think the show with Most Episodes Viewed would have to be Good Eats. I love that show & have watched it from it's debut on FoodTV. I love that Alton explains the reasons behind why you do the things you do when preparing food because it helps me make similar things on my own. He's convinced me to try foods I don't generally like - though he has failed with cabbage & onions. It is entertaining & I always take something away from it.

The show that has been Watched the Longest would be Dr Who. I have been watching it since I first encountered it on PBS in the late 70's but there was that 10-15 year or so hiatus between the last Doctor 7 episode and the first Doctor 9 episode. (I'm not sure how long it was because I relied on erratic PBS viewing & who knows how long after they first aired on the BBC they made it to PBS. I recall watching new to me Who in 1993 or so, but as much as I love the show I have never managed to know the actual BBC dates). I have not seen every episode, in fact I have only seen 1 episode with Doctor 2 and maybe 3 with Doctor 1, but I have seen nearly all of Doctors 3-7. Dr Who & Battlestar Galactica were my intro to the world of SciFi and started a life long love of the genre. (Star Wars was around that time but it was a one off movie in 1977 & didn't have the memory power of TV shows with endless repeats). Nowthat they are on back to back on SciFi on Friday nights I am in geek and nostalgia heaven (despite the tendancy of both to get a tad bit preachy about US policy).


glynis said...

I finally got a chance to watch Dr. Who on SciFi and I'm with you--Friday nights are going to be lots of fun with Battlestar and Dr. Who back-to-back!!!

loonyhiker said...

I've never seen Dr. Who but it sounds interesting. I think I'll look for it and hope I find it so I can check it out.

Tink said...

How do you like the new one? I'm still trying to make up my mind. I really like Chris and wished he had stayed on. Tom Baker would be my next favorite.

Karen said...

Yeah I prefer Chris to the current one. And next season we've got a new companion to break in.
So Stacey were you a Babylon 5 fan? I was devoted to that show.

Jennifer said...

My hubby would be with you on this he LOVES scifi. Babylon 5, Battlestar, Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, 4400 etc. I watch with him kind of as I usually have my laptop going at the same time