Monday, August 20, 2007

when will I have time to update

My sidebars are so out of date. I need to update both those slideshows but that means I have to upload all those thumbnails first. I did get the other sidebar done though. I want to do a more autumn color scheme to. Just don't know when I might get to it.

What I have done so far today

2 loads of wash
cleaned the living room
swept & wiped up the kitchen
went to the gym
baked a loaf of cheese bread
refereed about a dozen quarrels
planned meals for the week
did the one grocery run
wrote a newsletter article
sewed 5 buttons on 5 pairs of pants
paid bills/updated online banking

still need to
go to DS1 school orientation
make dinner
call about childcare

I have no desire to scrap right now. I'm not feeling very inspired right now.