Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm worn out

It's hot & humid. I've been working a lot the past week (and will be for a few more). So the boys are desperate for attention & behave badly constantly.  It's like they forgot how to hear.  I have to grab them and shout to get their attention. And DH worked late 3 times this week, plus had to leave this morning at 5am to be some place & won't be back until noonish.  DS1 came in our room at 6:30 and spent 15 minutes just sobbing that Daddy is supposed to be home today & he wants his Daddy. <sigh>  I know a lot of it is the heat.  I spent a couple hours yesterday afternoon with some friends & their kids & their kids have forgotten how to hear too. By the end of the play date we were 3 women shouting "I said STOP THAT!" over and over.  But I do feel better knowing that they are going through the same thing & it isn't just my own bad parenting at play here.  We;re getting a sitter tomorrow and going out to dinner.