Friday, January 20, 2006

This was done for DSU295.  The background & brads are from Lauren Bavin's Brothers & Sons kit.  Everything else was scanned in by me. I created the index card for the journaling.

journaling reads
"These are recipies I enjoyed while growing up. We found them when the family was going through my mom's things after she passed away. Dad was the one who made the fudge. The recipie is in Mom's handwriting because Dad's was illegible. It makes a very rich & sweet fudge. I've made it myself several timesbut it never turns out quite like his. Mom made the cookies every Christmas. She usually made at least 3 batches - vanilla, orange & lemon. My favorite were the vanilla ones. Stacey makes sugar cookies at Christmas, but we dont' use Mom's recipie. We are not sure where to get alum or what to replace it with."

I know there are 2 typos in there but I left them because Brad is not a very good typist Image hosting by Photobucket