Monday, January 23, 2006

Challenges to possibly do

at Scrapmommies
Font- monogram letter
Element - stitching on a photo
color (done)
babybook - 1st photo (done)
journaling - simple pleasure (done)
AAM - daily routine
Heritage - love

at DSP
Jan Journaling Challenge - how we met (done0
DET Boot Camp - combine graphic & paper style for Gallery presence
Faithbooks - restarted, current challenge is 'time you heard God's voice'
but I also need to do the 2 previous ones 'how you became' & 'story of your baptism/commitment'. These are going to end up being mostly journaling I think. I have no photos to go with them.

So that is 10 challenges still & I haven't listed the DSD or SBB ones because I doubt I will get to them. DSD's start on different days & only run a week & I have a hard time keeping up with them

I still have to do a text on a curve layout for DSU295 as well.