Sunday, August 21, 2005

crochet woes

I have unravalled the scarf 3 times so far. First I realized about 8 rows into it that I added a stitch on the second row, so I unravalled to that, fixed it & got about 8 more rows in when I realized that I had also added a stitch on the begining row & that is where the funky bow in the bottom came from - not changing tension like I thought. So I unravel all 10 rows, readjust & crochet about 20 rows. Last night I looked at it & realized it was too wide for what I wanted. So i unravelled the WHOLE THING.

I started over with the base chain & the first row (sc) done in just the purple yarn & then added the fur to the second row (dc) and will do both together in dc until the end, when I will finish with one row of just purple in sc.

I like the grey fur wiht the purple now that I have gotten used to it.