Thursday, January 22, 2009



Right now I like the crochet kind of cupcakes best. They are easy to make and have zero calories, plus you can keep them forever & they don't go bad.

I have to make about 30 of the normal kind Sunday.  Monday is DS2's birthday and I have to take 20 to his class for a party, then another 10 or so for when we have friends over that night for a pizza party.  They will be chocolate with white icing and rainbow sprinkles


loonyhiker said...

These were so cute!! I would have loved these because I don't eat a lot of sweet and when I was little, I was extremely allergic to chocolate!

Tracy Blankenship said...

oh how cuteeeeeeeeeee!!!! this is wonderful. have a great party!

and man I wish I was allergic to chocolate,lol

Beth said...

These are adorable...I am just now teaching myself the art of crochet. I like your blogs. Thanks for the follow.

Emily Card said...

oh my, those are FREAKing amazing!!!! And so cute!