Wednesday, December 03, 2008


These are the Christmas cards I haven't mailed.


I'm sure most of you are thinking "So what? It's the 3rd of December, just go to the post office tomorrow & it'll be fine" Those of you who know me in real life might be wondering about the fact that it is only December 3rd and I yet I have cards in envelopes..... you are probably thinking to yourselves "Wait a minute! I'll bet those are LAST YEAR's cards that you never got in the mail!"

Well, you would be wrong.

They are cards from 2005.

Yes, that is right. I am now entering my 4th year of card mailing procrastination.

These are the cards I bought in 2006 but never got around to putting in envelopes.


These are the cards I bought in 2007 but never even opened the box.


This year I'm not even going to bother buying the cards in the first place.

The problem is one of stamps.

I never have any, or if I do they are 4 cents less than current stamps, so I'd have to put a bunch of 1 cent stamps on the envelopes because I am not about to waste $5 worth of stamps just because they are underfunded.  But given that I never got the stamps on the envelopes when I only had one stamp at time to deal with, the odds of my getting 5 stamps on an envelope are quite low indeed.

Then there is the problem of getting them in the mail. Because remembering to put them in my mailbox is asking way too much of me.

I'm rather surprised I don't have stamped, yet still unmailed cards lying around from 2004. But I think I did manage to get those sent out in early January 2005.


Lisa said...

Oh, this is too funny, only because it hits so close to home. I still need to mail out this year's (2008) Christmas cards (yes, it's now January 2009...), and I plan to stick in the ones from 2007 and 2006 that I procrastinated as well! They are all photo Christmas cards, so people will get to see our children growing up before their eyes. ;)

The saddest part is probably the fact that since our youngest daughter was born in 2006, there will be a small handful of people that didn't even know that we now have four children. So don't feel too bad because you are definitely not alone! :)