Wednesday, March 19, 2008

new look for spring

Ok, technically the equinox isn't until tomorrow but I thought it might be nice to be ahead of the game for the first time in weeks. Now i just need to go around & change my avatars & I will be done.

I did up my myspace page to match. Embarrassing story there. I haven't been there since maybe November & several people contacted me around Xmas and I am just now getting their messages. One of them is my cousin, who I have not seen since our Nan died. I am so embarrassed that months have gone by without me replying. When I rearranged my bookmarks & my links I lost the myspace link & got involved in other things & didn't even think about it until last night at bunco when a couple people were talking about their pages. I was like "Oh, yeah! I have a page there!" but then couldn't tell anyone what my user name was because I didn't remember. I think I am too old for myspace. I never know what to do on there. But I am exploring it again & have it tabbed so I check it regularly.

In other news, the boys finally dropped a Wiimote often enough to break it. It is still fine for pointing & clicking, but not for anything that requires swinging your arm around - bowling, baseball, tennis, etc... I have a repair ticket with Nintendo & they are sending me a mailing label to send it to them. DH complained when I asked him to register the Wii "Why do we need to do that?" "Because we will lose the receipt." and sure enough.....